There are 2 reasons this may be the case: 

  1. We work closely with select brands to bring you exclusive offers through WhatsMine that you won't find anywhere else.
  2. We are in the early stages of developing WhatsMine with many more exciting features and capabilities to come. While we are forming the relationships and integrations with your favourite brands to ensure all your rewards are in WhatsMine, you may find there are some delivered to your inbox that are not in your WhatsMine rewards feed. We're working on this and will bring you more of your rewards as soon as possible! 

In the mean time, if there's a reward or offer missing that you would like to see we'd love to hear from you. Either:

  1. Shake your device and click on one of the options that will appear in the 'How can we help you' window. 

2. Or send us an email to

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